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mIchael Gines

Voice Overs

Welcome to my website for Echo Gines, my voice over business. This place is a hub for my freelancer work, sample collections, and some professional and personal history.


What You Need


I will produce your audiobook confroming to ACX standards. Separate chapter files, between -23 and -19 db, floor noise below -60, no peaks above -3. Between 0.5 and 0.75 seconds of silence at the start of the chapter and 3-5 seconds at the end.


I will provide a narration of your script according to your direction. I can improvise as required with script and creativity. Cost will depend upon word count, and difficulty of project (ex timing, mouth overlay, separate files).

Character Voice

I will record your scripts for your characters. I can provide multiple takes of script lines to provide you with options in your project. The lines can be delivered in single files or separate files.  I can make your characters talk, laugh, sing, and more.

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